The Silent Tragedy behind Trayvon Martin

The Cirque du Soleil-style media coverage and over-the-top racial rhetoric being spewed by family supporters about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin hides a more disturbing problem that continues to grow in our urban centers across America: the crime rate within the African-American community. I've lived in the Chicago area most of my life, and you can't turn on the nightly news without hearing either about a child being gunned down by a stray bullet from some gang-banger or about other young adults caught up in violent crimes.  From the president to African-American church and community leaders, the statistics of African-American crime and its causes are well-known.  And yet, crime continues unabated, and innocent children continue to die. The president was in Chicago for a re-election fundraiser March 16.  The weekend that followed, 49 shootings were recorded.  Of the 49 people recorded shot, 10 died, including one 6-year-old girl.  Granted, not all...(Read Full Article)