The President's Great Gas Price Spike Media Blitz

The high price of gasoline is a tax on the economy, and higher prices this summer could very likely damage the President's re-election chances.  But the portrayal we have seen over the past week of an embattled President besieged by Republicans on this issue is false.  The White House campaign team has created an enormous smoke screen to hide the connection between its leftist energy policy and high gas prices.  So far, media organizations of all stripes seem to be falling for this diversionary devise. A week ago, the nation's lead story had shifted suddenly away from contraception and social issues to GOP attacks on Obama.  The "news" story used as the trigger for this shift was a just-released WaPo/ABCNews poll. Rising gas prices have many voters looking for someone to blame and President Obama appears to be as good a target as anyone, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll suggests, with the president's approval rating falling from 50 percent last month to 46...(Read Full Article)