The Predestined Failure of Obama's Energy Policy

One of the greatest failings in leftist thinking stems from the mistaken belief that societies can be easily manipulated.  President Obama's adopted energy policy makes for a wonderful example of this failure in thought.  The entirety of "green energy" is filled with micro-thinking, where a cursory (at best) understanding of technology and engineering has combined with narrowed visions and worldly ignorance to create "energy solutions" which fail in technological readiness, suitability to purpose, or market support. The failure of "green" becomes readily evident with one simple statement of fact: most "green" technologies are well over 100 years old, and there has been no significant scientific achievement in these technologies for approximately 30 years.  With the possible exceptions of photovoltaics and batteries, the "green" technologies are all mature.  For a mature technology to have little market presence or demand is highly indicative that it fails the...(Read Full Article)