The Land Devoid of Real Debate

We no longer solve problems in America -- how can you solve a problem you are not even willing to discuss?  Indeed, we no longer solve problems because we have abandoned open and honest debate. Chronic unemployment, soaring levels of public debt, an education system in serious decline, an antiquated immigration structure, and a burdensome tax code and regulatory climate are but a few of the dilemmas we find ourselves confronted with.  Our nation's list of contemporary hurdles goes on and on. But rather than squarely dealing with these and a host of other issues confronting us, at best, we nibble around the edges.  Now, America finds itself awash in a laundry list of protracted crises which seem unsolvable. Events of the last week provide a glaring example of why we are in so much trouble.  Rather than any number of very serious problems dominating our discourse, the nation has been fixated with an absurd episode revolving around a radio entertainer's overzealous...(Read Full Article)