The Great Obimi Does His Magic Act Again

Ever wonder why Obama looks so sharp in a dark suit?  Ever wonder about that ear-to-ear professional grin he's got?  About those little dramatic pauses before he drops a well-rehearsed line?  Ever wonder where he keeps his high hat and magic wand? Well, you don't have to wonder any longer.  We're due to see another magic campaign by The Great Obimi.  It'll be one stunt after another, like those styrofoam Greek columns at his victory rally in Denver. Now that the GOP race is settling out, Obama is starting his real campaign.  That messianic halo is beginning to hover over his head again.  People are beginning to faint at his performances.  The other day he asked his audience to stay calm and let that fainting lady or gent be treated by the medics. "Folks do that all the time when I speak," he said modestly, barely restraining himself from performing a miraculous resurrection of the flesh, right there on stage.  In a couple of months he...(Read Full Article)