The Empathizer-in-Chief Needs to Do Some Serious Soul-Searching

As a mother, my capacity for empathy does not stop at only those who physically resemble my children.  Sadly, the president, who touts empathy as one of the most important qualifications for a Supreme Court justice, signals  that his capacity for empathy does not extend to all American citizens, but is focused on those of African-American descent or Muslim heritage. While there were all sorts of indications that Obama was entering office with personal biases, the first hint that these would play a role in his decisions as POTUS was when his Justice Department dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers charged with voter intimidation for swinging billy clubs at voting sites in 2008. This was followed in 2009 by Obama jumping into the fray when, without any basis for doing so, he announced to the country that the Cambridge Police "acted stupidly" for arresting a black professor.  Despite the faux pas and the need to smooth things over with a ridiculously staged...(Read Full Article)