The Book of Obama: The Ganza Megillah

The story of Purim is found in the Book of Esther, a long, detailed story known as the "Megillah."  In Yiddish, the term "Ganza Megillah" has a number of meanings -- usually a long story -- which is how I am using it now. This week was Purim, the start of the post-mortem releases of the Breitbart tapes on Obama. This is the beginning of the Breitbart effort to force  the  first open media focus on the racism at the heart of so called Critical Race Studies and an honest examination of who Obama really is. I think all  three -- Purim, Breitbart and Obama -- are related in this Megillah. Purim Let's start with Purim and the remarkable account of the holiday  by blogger Sultan Knish. It is the story of how Queen Esther at the urging of her uncle saved her  people from the slaughter urged upon the king by an evil  vizier, but it is much more. In Sultan Knish's telling -- far more accurate a telling than one finds in most synagogues in America today or the...(Read Full Article)