The Biggest Threat to Britain's National Security Is Barack Obama

As British Prime Minister David Cameron hangs out with President Obama this week, he should remember that he is watching basketball and chewing on hot dogs with the man who represents the biggest threat to Britain's national security. One of the toughest things my fellow Britons and I commonly struggle with is adapting ourselves to the real state of our nation.  Despite brief re-emergences of international power during the Thatcher years, and the latter half of the Blair years, Britain's role in the international field has been on the decline for many years, and we find ourselves a significant but isolated island nation. More notably, these increases in strength have always coincided with a close relationship with the United States of America.  For instance, Margaret Thatcher became a powerful force in the downfall of the Soviet Union not only because of her own force, but also because of her close bond with President Ronald Reagan [i]. Additionally, Tony Blair's close ties...(Read Full Article)