The Apology-Gotcha Game

The "Apology-Gotcha Game" has become one of American politics's favorite indoor sports -- one that has increasingly dominated our public political discourse over the past decade.  If you want to play, it helps if your cause is politically correct.  In that case, the media is more likely to be on your side, which is vital because media support is essential to winning. Here's how the Apology-Gotcha Game is played.   The game starts when someone on the "other side" says or does something that might conceivably offend (though of course it never really does offend).  Your immediate response: publicly claim mortal offense -- this secures your position as a victim -- and then very publicly demand a public apology.  If the media becomes engaged -- which is essential to your success -- then the various reporters and commentators will pile on, supporting your demand, as the politically correct victim, for an apology.  As long as they continue covering the "issue,"...(Read Full Article)