Stand Up for Rush - and All of Us

Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator has issued a challenge which all conservatives must heed.  One can accept the Battleground Poll numbers which consistently report that about 60% of America calls itself conservative or the Gallup numbers which place conservatives as "only" about 40% of the nation or the Survey USA which states that 34% of Americans are conservative and 20% liberal.  The fact remains the same:  conservative America is much larger than leftist America. Why, then, can the left engage in the most despicable behavior towards conservatives while Rush's remark about Ms. Fluke produces a firestorm of leftist activity?  The left grasps that ballots in elections make for only one kind of vote that ideologically motivated Americans cast. Every time conservatives stop watching CNN or take children out of public schools or stop supporting an organization which was once benignly neutral on ideological issues, conservatives cast marketplace ballots that...(Read Full Article)