Socialism without Guns

As their economic orgy fades to its inevitable end, the people of Greece find themselves in a country that resembles more of a debtor's prison than a representative democracy. The Greeks have sold their freedom for a mess of pottage. If the United States is not careful, we could soon find ourselves in a very similar situation. Unlike the former Soviet Union, there was no violent Marxist "revolution" in Greece. Freedom was taken from the country's citizens without a single shot being fired. The Greeks squandered their freedom by electing, time and again, politicians who promised an unsustainable socialist utopia. The Greeks committed political suicide by creating socialism without guns. It's hard to feel sorry for the voters of Greece. For years they have elected politicians who produced a progressive paradise: high wages, extended vacations, a shorter workweek, early retirement, and lavish public benefits. Think of a carnival of cash for clunkers -- where "clunkers" are the citizens...(Read Full Article)