Social Justice and the Catholic Vote

Catholics make up about one quarter of the American electorate, and the majority of the Catholic vote has gone to the winner in every presidential election since 1972.  With that said, conservatives -- whether they like it or not -- will have to engage the concept of "social justice" if they wish to earn the sizable Catholic vote in November 2012. Of course, the term "social justice" makes some conservatives cringe because it has been co-opted by those who crave moral legitimacy for their political ends even as they seek to marginalize the Church.  But these leftist distortions are meant only to mislead.  Justice is commonly defined as giving each person his due.  Social justice is simply an extension of this virtue into the public realm, concerning how society is ordered, with particular concern for the most vulnerable.  Working for social justice means nothing more than respecting the dignity of every human person and defending the rights that flow from that...(Read Full Article)