'Social Issues' Are Really Moral Issues

One of the greatest deceptions perpetuated by the mainstream media concerning the American political scene is the idea that whenever the "social issues" are prominent in election debate, conservatives lose.  James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote about an upcoming book by Jeffrey Bell -- The Case for Polarized Politics -- that helps dispel this myth. "Social issues were nonexistent in the period 1932 to 1964," notes Bell.  "The Republican Party won two presidential elections out of nine, and they had the Congress for all of four years in that entire period. ... When social issues came into the mix -- I would date it from the 1968 election ... the Republican Party won seven out of 11 presidential elections." Bell concludes, as have many others, that American social conservatism began in response to the sexual revolution of the 1960s.  Thus, it is unsurprising that all of the most significant "social" issues in America today are sexual issues. To borrow...(Read Full Article)