Revisiting the Guy in Obama's Neighborhood

The relationship between William Ayers and President Obama is back in the news again.  American conservatives are toying with the idea of renewing their quixotic mission of shattering the dream world of the sixty percent of the population that reflexively blocks its ears and sings every time Obama's past is questioned. Though this mission should not be pursued at the expense of a more concrete challenge to the Obama administration's record and policies, lest we see a repeat of 2008, nevertheless, quixoticism sometimes has the appeal of striking at deeper truths.  And even if the majority of the population continues to reject all evidence and common sense, leaving a little time on one's dinner table debate agenda for Obama's cheesecloth-filtered past may nonetheless serve one vital purpose: it sharpens one's focus on the urgent necessity of stopping the left in its tracks immediately. Let us, then, take a moment to revisit Obama's most famous denial of a formative...(Read Full Article)