Removing the Keystone (Pipeline)

The Keystone XL pipeline's demise tosses another shovel full of dirt onto the lid of this country's coffin.  Keystone's termination was not just a kickback to the urban dwelling, loony-left environmental voters, though that was a nice bonus.  The demise was also not just a payoff to Warren Buffet's rail companies that currently ferry unrefined North Dakota oil, though that too was an added benefit.  No, killing Keystone XL forwards two radical anti-American agendas deeply coveted by the hard-leftists occupying the White House.  First, for some context, let's revisit the underlying Marxist dogma that drives the decision-making process of the Obama administration, including with regards to Keystone.  From a wonderful summary of The Communist Manifesto, we read: The primary objective of communists and the revolutionary proletariat is the abolition of private property, for it is this that keeps them [the proletariat] enslaved. Bourgeois economics, i.e.,...(Read Full Article)