Removing the Keystone (Pipeline)

The Keystone XL pipeline's demise tosses another shovel full of dirt onto the lid of this country's coffin.  Keystone's termination was not just a kickback to the urban dwelling, loony-left environmental voters, though that was a nice bonus.  The demise was also not just a payoff to Warren Buffet's rail companies that currently ferry unrefined North Dakota oil, though that too was an added benefit.  No, killing Keystone XL forwards two radical anti-American agendas deeply coveted by the hard-leftists occupying the White House. 

First, for some context, let's revisit the underlying Marxist dogma that drives the decision-making process of the Obama administration, including with regards to Keystone.  From a wonderful summary of The Communist Manifesto, we read:

The primary objective of communists and the revolutionary proletariat is the abolition of private property, for it is this that keeps them [the proletariat] enslaved. Bourgeois economics, i.e., capitalism, requires that the owners of the means of production compensate workers only enough to ensure their mere physical subsistence and reproduction. In other words, the existence of bourgeois property, or capital as Marx calls it, relies on its radically unequal distribution. The only way the proletariat can free itself from bourgeois exploitation is to abolish capitalism. In achieving this goal, the proletariat will destroy all remnants of bourgeois culture which act to perpetuate, if even implicitly, their misery. This includes family organization, religion, morality, jurisprudence, etc.

Sound familiar?

Fueled by Marxist ideology, one radical anti-America agenda of Soros's and Obama's inner advisers is their desperate desire for the upward destabilization of domestic energy prices.  Their repeated actions (ignore the daily pabulum spoon-fed through the MSM to the politically innocents) such as postponing Keystone reflect a premeditated plan to raise the price of domestic energy to crushing levels by executive fiat.  (The word "postpone" is bureaucratic euphemism meaning "render dead as a doornail.")  Americans have seen three years of a series of brutal administrative assaults on the coal, natural gas, oil, and power production industries.  Ignored by the media, Obama's czars, those unconfirmed hard-leftists infecting the executive agencies, have written literally hundreds of new onerous environmental regulations adversely impacting offshore drilling; fracking; and extraction, transport, refining, and sales of all fossil fuels.

At the same time, billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded government loans have simply vanished down the black hole of green energy cronyism, corruption, and malfeasance.  If this were truly a government of, by, and for the people, dozens of senior administration bureaucrats and their loan recipients would have been indicted, prosecuted, and jailed for evaporating tens of billions of taxpayers' dollars.  That is evidently not the case with the new commissariats running roughshod in Washington.

Energy soaks like rain into the ground.  Every forest, field crop, and lawn dies without sufficient water.  So, too, every business, farm, factory, church, and home suffers impairment without the energy required for heat, light, and electricity.  These artificially inflated energy costs are, essentially, a non-constitutional governmental tax.  The energy dollars "seized" from taxpayers preclude many other choices related to every American's inalienable right to discover life, liberty, and his individual pursuit of happiness.  That, my friends, is, in the classic Marxist patois, "the dictatorship of the proletariat."

Keystone's demise forwards a second anti-American agenda, one that seeks to silently subvert the foundation of our military's war-fighting abilities.  Energy is war-fighting capacity.  From the University of Washington we read:

After construction was complete in late 1942, the [Grand Coulee] dam had an immediate impact in helping the United States win World War II. As President Harry Truman said, "Without Grand Coulee and Bonneville dams it would have been almost impossible to win this war." Specifically, the Grand Coulee Dam provided the electricity needed to produce aluminum, which was crucial for the airplane construction taking place at Boeing in Seattle. With no capacity to produce aluminum in 1940, the Pacific Northwest was producing 36% of the nation's aluminum output by 1946. It is estimated that one third of the aluminum used in aircraft during World War II came from the power generated by the Grand Coulee Dam. Also, the Grand Coulee Dam provided the power needed for the plutonium production reactors at the nuclear production facilities at the Hanford site1.

Where does Keystone's demise fit into this second anti-American agenda that silently subverts the foundation of our military's war-fighting abilities?  If and when the United States is next engaged in a global war, our military will require a massive national effort, akin to WWII, to produce vast quantities of war materiel -- fighters, bombers, tanks, transport trucks, mobile artillery, small arms, etc.  Will America have enough available electrical capacity to provide the power for all these ramped-up industries plus the energy needed in a wartime economy? 

(The Congress of Vienna prevented a European war for almost a hundred years.  We are almost seventy years away from the end of WWII.  We humans quickly forget the horrors of large-scale land warfare.  After a few generations have passed, new conquerors arise and covet their neighbors' wealth, all under the guise of revolutionary ideology.  And the cycle starts anew.)

This nation has stopped building new hydroelectric projects as political payback to the hard-left environmentalists, who are living proof that Darwin was wrong.  And wind, solar, and algae are laughably unable to scale for the power requirements needed for wartime industrialization.

In other words, will America have the time to build new power plants while also building the factories to make the arms?  We absolutely need Keystone's oil flowing into America today.  Keystone incentivizes private industry to upgrade our moribund domestic refining capacity, to fuel all those new power plants, and to gas up the fighters, bombers, ships, and tanks that will be built.  Those who wish harm to this nation understand full well that there can be no "Arsenal of Democracy" if America's industrial capacity to wage war has been severed at the wellhead.

So what specific methodology might a small group of radicals atop our government adopt to swiftly accelerate the financial impoverishment of the working middle and upper classes, leading to the fatal demise of America's bourgeois and the abolition of private property?  The answer lies with the sharply rising price of energy, which ripples through the retail prices for food, consumer goods, and manufacturing -- while simultaneously devaluing our national currency through massive debt and spiraling health care costs - all woven into a mapless labyrinth of oppressive regulations. 

We are almost there.

1A special thanks to Dr. James Gregory and "The Great Depression in Washington State Project."  Christian McClung, Grand Coulee Dam: Leaving a Legacy, The Great Depression in Washington State Project, February 27, 2012.