Putin's Victory, With an Obama Assist

For their own crass political gain, our ambassador in Moscow, and our president, have just helped the KGB to consolidate power in Russia. They've turned a blind eye to the Russian efforts to help the maniacal ruler of Syria to butcher his fellow citizens, and they've used the same type of dishonesty to cover their tracks that was perfected in the USSR. They've assisted a viciously anti-American dictator to seize total power.  In doing so, they've made Hillary Clinton look like Ronald Reagan.  It's a black day in American history. On February 11, 2012, I tweeted at Michael McFaul, America's man in Moscow. I chastised him for spending his time tweeting at (indeed, I thought, flirting with) Tina Kandelaki (one of Russia's many answers to Paris Hilton), and issuing lots of other utterly frivolous tweets, instead of focusing on Russia's efforts to help Syria massacre thousands of civilians and its efforts to smear American adoptive parents as homicidal maniacs, telling the world...(Read Full Article)