President Put-Down

Barack Obama has had one passion that has been consistent over the years: himself.  His healthy self-regard is well-known by now.  From the omnipresent posters of his jutting face to the spectacle of the Democratic National Convention with Styrofoam Greek columns to the disgraceful alteration of the official presidential seal during the 2008 campaign to his constant presence on our airwaves (Really, do we care about his sports commentary?  Or his brackets in the NCAA tournaments?), we know that this is a man with a hunger for the spotlight. But Obama's ego needs more than the worship of others.  His ego also needs the boost that comes from insulting and denigrating others and rubbing in their faces how well he has fared compared to them.  The latest example is culled from the upcoming hagiography of him from the writer David Maraniss: Will Burns, who worked for Obama when he was a state senator, recalls walking the precincts of their district in the fall of...(Read Full Article)