Pity the Poor Working Chump

Fifty years' worth of war on poverty has produced little benefit, save for a few valuable lessons.  For instance, we've learned about the valiant struggle the disadvantaged wage against capitalist oppression.  The homeless, the hungry, and the downtrodden are victims of free-market greed.  But there's one participant in Washington's war on poverty who's routinely ignored, one whose plight the pointy-headed elites never champion: the working chump. Lest anyone get the wrong idea, working chumps are identified not by their intellectual prowess but by their productivity.  Their status ranges from the professional to the tradesman, the rich to the poor.  Such people are driven to meet their own needs and become agitated when others shun that responsibility.  While such productive people represent a declining socioeconomic class, they are indispensable.  The entitlement wagon is overloaded with passengers who favor the free ride.  Did someone not...(Read Full Article)