On Restoring American Individualism

Much of the political crisis facing America today stems from a disintegration of the ethical basis of the free society.  That is why the core of the 2012 election fight is not tax rates, job growth, or the national debt.  These issues, though of enormous practical importance, are merely the policy manifestations of underlying moral sentiments.  The fundamental battle to be waged concerns nothing less than the nature of man, and the moral implications of that nature.  If public disapproval of particular Obama policies is to become a lasting movement toward societal renewal, then the conservative's primary objective must be the restoration of American individualism.  The problem is that the warm quilt of entitlement and dependency which the left has so cozily tucked around American society not only restricts freedom of movement; it also effectively reinforces the anti-individualist morality that makes the left's advances possible.  In the doublethink names...(Read Full Article)