Obama and the Matter of Trust

Ronald Reagan was fond of saying:  "Trust, but verify." President Obama told us he released his official long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011.  Can we trust him, and should we verify? Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his "Cold Case Posse" attempted to answer that question, with the intended goal of verifying the authenticity of the certificate presented by the White House to the public. At the March 1 press conference, Sheriff Arpaio concluded that there is "probable cause" to believe that the document is a "computer-generated forgery." Additionally, the sheriff stated:  "I do not believe that it is a scan of an original 1961 paper document, as represented by the White House when the long-form birth certificate was made public."  The Sheriff's Office released a formal report of its "preliminary findings" and indicated that its investigation is continuing. Most of the reporters' questions at the end of the press conference were statements in defense of Obama,...(Read Full Article)