Obama and the 'Gravity of War'

Barack Obama held a news conference yesterday to counterprogram against the GOP's Super Tuesday contest. It was one of his rare news conferences of late, as he has avoided them and preferred using direct means to communicate with his fans if not the rest of the American people.  At one point, Obama dismissed criticism of his rather feckless approach towards Iran by maligning Republicans. According to Obama, there is still " a window of opportunity where this can still be solved diplomatically" and when Republicans attack him for being too weak, that's only because they "don't understand the gravity of war." Really, Mr. President?  Really? Senator John McCain, who has been a hawk regarding Libya, Syria and has been a leading force in trying to compel Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program, was a Vietnam prisoner of war who was tortured during his years of captivity and still cannot lift up his arms over his head because of his life-long injuries. His father was a...(Read Full Article)