Obama 2012: All about Social Issues

We conservatives are constantly scolded by the "smart" people in our camp, "Stay away from the social issues! It's the economy, stupid!"  Conservatives would love to focus on Obama's horrific economy.  Obama's minions are the ones trying to re-direct the focus to bogus social issues, such as claiming Republicans want to ban contraception, which is a lie! However, the more I think about it, Obama's re-election campaign really is about social issues. While lifelong Democrats like my parents were focused on trivia such as who shot JR, and today, American Idol, their Democratic Party was under siege.  The '60s spoiled-brat white hippies and black-power militants became adults and hijacked the leadership of the Democratic Party.  They still hate America and traditional values.  Remember the line "This ain't your Daddy's Oldsmobile"?  Well, This ain't your Daddy's Democratic Party. In the '60s, marijuana, LSD, and Boone's Farm wine convinced hippies that "all...(Read Full Article)