Obama 2012: All about Social Issues

We conservatives are constantly scolded by the "smart" people in our camp, "Stay away from the social issues! It's the economy, stupid!"  Conservatives would love to focus on Obama's horrific economy.  Obama's minions are the ones trying to re-direct the focus to bogus social issues, such as claiming Republicans want to ban contraception, which is a lie!

However, the more I think about it, Obama's re-election campaign really is about social issues.

While lifelong Democrats like my parents were focused on trivia such as who shot JR, and today, American Idol, their Democratic Party was under siege.  The '60s spoiled-brat white hippies and black-power militants became adults and hijacked the leadership of the Democratic Party.  They still hate America and traditional values.  Remember the line "This ain't your Daddy's Oldsmobile"?  Well, This ain't your Daddy's Democratic Party.

In the '60s, marijuana, LSD, and Boone's Farm wine convinced hippies that "all we need is love" and the world would be a beautiful place.  Today, these old hippies run the Democratic party.  They believe that if they can control our behavior via government and confiscate enough of taxpayers' money, their '60s utopian ideas could become a reality: Strawberry Fields forever!

Despite Bill Clinton's popularity, Americans rejected his liberal social agenda.  HillaryCare went down in flames.

Then, a junior black senator delivered an impressive speech at the Democratic National Convention.  Eureka!  Let's run a black guy!  Who would dare criticize America's first black presidential candidate?

Obama was perfect!  Talk about a shoe-in to win!  Joe Biden called him "clean and articulate."  Liberal media educated by leftist professors did everything in their power to protect their liberal black candidate.  Obama bypassed the usual vetting process of one applying for the position of Leader of the Free World.

Ninety-six percent of black voters flocked to the polls, willfully ignorant or purposely ignoring who Obama was as a person.  All that mattered was "The Black Code": in matters of black vs. white, authentic blacks rally around the black guy.  In a way, it was déjà vu -- the OJ trial all over again.

Naïve whites enthusiastically voted for "the black guy," thinking they could never be called racists again.  Media duped clueless youths into making Obama an American Idol.

Democrats and liberal media were thrilled that Obama sat under the social-justice America-hating ministry of Rev. Jeremiah Wright for twenty years.  Surely, Obama must loathe America as much as they.

With their untouchable black president firmly entrenched, Democrats are well on their way to making their 1960s dreams a reality.  Omnipotent ruler Obama boldly shreds the Constitution to implement their social agenda.

ObamaCare is the key to forcing their social agenda down our throats; abortion, gay marriage, population control, diet control, gun control, control of senior life-or-death decisions, and banning God from the public square -- all social issues.

Everything Obama says and does is birthed out of his laser-focused determination to "fundamentally transform America" by implementing his social agenda.

Obama considers the destruction of the American economy an acceptable casualty of war in his quest to implement his social agenda: to each according to his needs.

Why would Obama say "no" to the Keystone Pipeline, which would create jobs and move us closer to fuel-independence?  Obama believes that oil destroys the planet.  We must be forced to use less and drive his electric cars.  A social issue.

If Obama is arrogant enough to attempt to force Catholic institutions, against their faith, to provide free abortion services, if re-elected, Obama will surely force clergy to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.  A social issue.

Michelle Obama's food police told a little girl the lunch mom packed for her was bad.  The food police gave the kid chicken nuggets to eat instead.  Dictating what we feed our kids is a frightening social issue.

Bottom line: Obama and the Democrats seek total control of our behavior -- what we eat, drive, say, how we express our faith, the education of our kids, how many babies we're allowed to have, the amount of money we're allowed to earn and how we spend it -- all social issues.

Conservatives are cautioned not to mention social issues or morality.  Meanwhile, the left's actions are dictated completely by their social agenda and sense of morality.  The left believes that America is immoral.  They say our cars, population (having babies), food, and energy consumption are destroying the planet.  The world has too little because America has too much -- social issues.

Conservatives, stop allowing yourselves to be bullied into silence.  Obama and company are hell-bent on forcing their hippie hangover-inspired social agenda down the throat of each and every American.  When conservatives say "no" to their attacks on our freedom, liberty, and culture, they accuse us of being the aggressors.  In reality, the true nascent supreme dictator is Barack Hussein Obama.

-Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American