No Quick Fix?

In response to criticism of his handling of gas prices, President Obama has repeatedly stated that there is "no quick fix."  To some extent, this is true.  But then, where has he been for three and a half years? That's been more than enough time to fix the problem, but he's done nothing but make it worse.  If the president had promoted domestic production of fossil fuels as he should have done, we wouldn't need a quick fix.  We would have had a fix already in place, and it would now be working. The president specializes in making excuses, and "no quick fix" is his latest excuse for failed leadership.  We will be hearing the "no quick fix" mantra a lot this year, along with attacks on "greedy speculators" and "selfish oil companies." Meanwhile, on his four-stop "energy tour," Obama continued pushing the failed policies that have resulted in soaring gas prices.  At every stop -- even at Cushing, Oklahoma, the heart of oil country -- he insisted that...(Read Full Article)