National Energy Policy? Got One Handy?

There has been a lot of talk (because it's an election year, and that's what politicians do) about a national energy policy.  I hate to report this, but there has never been a coherent energy policy at any time in the history of the country. We may have had an occasional oil policy, a natural gas policy, a coal policy, a nuclear energy policy, a hydroelectric policy, a solar power policy, a wind power policy, a "renewable" energy policy, and, for all I know, a fairy dust policy.  But we have never had a coherent, integrated energy policy. Obama's "green" energy policy is based solely on the desire to reduce coal, oil and gasoline consumption, which his administration claims will reduce hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere and ultimately reduce global warming. OK, that's the chain of logic underlying Obama's green economy initiatives.  Those initiatives include approximately half a billion dollars of taxpayer money used to prop up Solyndra; the money spent to...(Read Full Article)