Mom and the Supreme Court

When the Supreme Court of the United States begins its three-day review of ObamaCare today, my mom won't be there. I wish she could be there to present her case.  For she and millions of other elderly and vulnerable people will be affected in ways that seem unimaginable today if the court upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. For now, Mom is OK.  Yes, she is dying -- but she is dying the way she wants to die, not the way someone else thinks she should die. And that is part of what is at stake as the justices listen to arguments. Mom's surgeon had been forthright with me, as I wished him to be.  Your mom's circulatory system is shutting down, he said.  That's why she has the gangrene in her leg.  We have tried a stent to save the limb, but after an hour and a half, we just couldn't get through the blockages in the vein. "So what are her options now?" I asked, putting aside with great effort the image of my post-operative mom with her...(Read Full Article)