Military Spouses: Same War, Different Fight

As America's soldiers go off to war to protect their fellow citizens, their spouses are left to fight another battle.  As the soldiers' immediate family becomes their unit, the family left behind has to live with many sacrifices.  American Thinker thought it would be interesting to interview a few spouses to get their perspective on the war effort.  Although the wives interviewed had their own unique stories and perspectives, what became evident was that they were in complete agreement regarding certain aspects of their lives.  They do not want to be seen as victims, but they do want Americans to understand that in a sense, they have enlisted as well.  During their husbands' deployment, they experienced the simultaneous feelings of anger, stress, fear, and resentment.  Stress for not having their spouses around when times got tough; after all, the raising of a family, as a single mom, becomes overwhelming.  Resentment as described by Chris Kyle, the...(Read Full Article)