Like the Price of Gas? Just Wait!

The worthy journalists of the mainstream media have not seen fit to raise urgent questions about the soaring price of gas, and the current the current administration's role in causing it. Contrast that with the intensely critical commentary directed at George W. Bush when gas spiked during the latter part of his tenure, and you can almost taste the difference. Of course, the MSM silence is not amazing at all.  President Obama is the darling of the media, and they want desperately to see him re-elected.  And investigating the causes of the high price of gas wouldn't help their crusade, because in truth, the outrageous price of gas is primarily Obama's fault -- nay, his design. In truth, Obama's Green Regime has done everything it can to retard domestic fossil fuel production.  Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has locked away vast new areas of our country even from exploration, much less from exploitation, of the enormous reserves we possess.  Obama has killed...(Read Full Article)