Leftist Textbooks and World War I

As a high school history teacher in the New York City schools for twenty years, I find myself frequently wondering how the city's textbooks have gotten so full of errors and liberal hogwash. The latest textbook we are required to use (no exceptions) in my school's U.S. history courses is The Americans, published by McDougal Littell.  Every section of this book is replete with errors and omissions.  For example, Wilson's moral diplomacy is called "missionary diplomacy."  Our only interest in beginning the Spanish-American War was our desire to protect U.S. business interests -- and this contention is expressed with a tone of contempt, as though we were again defending those dirty, filthy, greedy businessmen.  The section about Theodore Roosevelt's international affairs involvements does not mention the Algeciras Conference, nor does it mention the sending of the "Great White Fleet" around the world.  His mediation of the treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War...(Read Full Article)