Jonestown and Obama

In the January 2012 Commentary article entitled "The Left's Great Crime" by George Russell, the protagonist of the piece is described in the following manner: He had a gift for charismatic preaching and took it to black neighborhoods ...where he preached racial inclusion and gathered a mixed-race congregation. ... he already cut a considerable figure in radical circles for his message of apostolic, or divine, socialism-colorblind Communism wrapped in the transport of faith healing and racial inclusion. The ... show was a highly successful act among the homeless, dispossessed, lonely, and often idealistic core of lower-middle-class and street people who were drawn in large numbers[.] [He] was friends with other radical showmen and ideologues like Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement, the implacable Communist Angela Davis, and her friends and acquaintances in the Black Panther Party led by Huey P. Newton, the very essence of lumpenproletariat insurrection. But lurking inside......(Read Full Article)