How the Left Moved into Religion

It is the year of the "ethics of energy," according to the National Council of Churches (NCC), and one cannot but conclude that the left has abandoned Lenin's nostrum of religion as the opiate of the people.  They would even have us believe that they were in solidarity with those who "cling to ... religion."  At Obama's Sermon on the Mount, he invoked the Bible as his inspiration for ObamaCare and the redistribution of other people's money.  A modern-day St. Francis.  No matter, as we recently discovered that in the name of ObamaCare, he eliminated freedom of conscience with the recent mandate.  This is one of the commandments in "The First Church of Christ Socialist" (a term Billingsley used, National Review, Oct. 28, 1983, 1339). What, in fact, happened between Lenin's "superstitions" and Obama was Antonio Gramsci.  You could call him Obama's godfather.  A prominent Italian Marxist, his theory of "Cultural Marxism" was that violent revolution...(Read Full Article)