How Mitt Can Win

Romney might win or might lose adhering to his current approach, but one thing is sure: he would a win bigger, for him and the nation, with a different one. With apologies to everyone who thinks the Etch-a-Sketch simile captures the right's problem with Mitt Romney, I'd suggest that a much better explanation is to be found in an interview-based analysis by the always sensible Stephen Hayes.  Hayes reveals Romney as essentially "risk-averse," the result of being beat up in past campaigns for being too specific.  Romney's consequent 2012 approach, according to Hayes, "goes a long way to explain why some conservatives have been reluctant to embrace his candidacy. They want a list. They want it to be long, they want it to be detailed, and they want a candidate who is not only willing to provide one but eager to campaign on it[.] ... That's not Mitt Romney. It never will be." Anybody who has spent any time watching Romney in public situations that he does not control -- like...(Read Full Article)