How Iran Could Save America

The maniacally mad mullahs of Iran could save America from Barack Obama and his envisioned world made better by his mere presence. The etiology of the Obama economic disaster is well-developed, even if it is mostly ignored by his political minions and sycophants in the legacy media.  American citizens understand the failure he has bequeathed to the nation.  The economic damage is rampant and regnant, but as yet not irreversible.   Less clear to citizens is the wreckage of his foreign policy.  Displaying weakness at every turn, Obama has damaged the nation's international position to the point where war with Iran is now unavoidable.  From the golf course, Barack Obama has repeatedly extended America's hand to the Iranian regime, only to have it slapped away.  The United States has been at war with Iran since 1979, even if it's been a quiet war, where we have consistently refused to fight back.  This coming year, that will change -- the quiet...(Read Full Article)