'Hate Crimes' and 'Occupy' Protests

The three nanny-state wards featured in this online report from Reuters (3/3/2012) exemplify the "Occupy" movement and the infectious attitude of entitlement that grips so many of our contemporaries.  Actions by these thugs in Oakland present yet one more anecdote in a growing collage of reasons why the movement is corrupt and devoid of any principle except that which immediately gratifies its adherents. The acts of these individuals are heinous.  They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in accordance with their criminal actions.  Do not, however, label their actions as so-called "hate crimes." Hate crime legislation, while it sounds lofty in its intent, is diabolical in its potential application.  Who, though, at first mention of the idea, would not support additional criminal sanction against those committing crimes targeted at individuals of minority groups?  It does sound like the right thing to do in cases such as these, right? However,...(Read Full Article)