Gongs, Cymbals, and Pharisees

Much of what I know about love I learned in a ramshackle crisis pregnancy center on the wrong side of the tracks.  For more than five years I volunteered every week at a little crisis pregnancy center.  I helped in the clothing ministry, taught parenting classes, and performed pregnancy tests.  I took my share of phone calls from frightened women -- the ones that start, "I think I'm pregnant.  I just can't have a baby right now.  Please help me."  And I knew that what I said in the next five minutes could literally mean life or death. I helped start our center's abstinence program.  I would talk to middle- and high-schoolers and individual clients about the benefits of waiting for sex until marriage.  (My kids would joke about how hard it was to have the "chastity lady" for a mom.)  I led seminars to teach parents how to talk to their kids about sex.  And I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when talking to people about...(Read Full Article)