Going Too Far in a Good Cause

"Causes," and those who support them, play a vital role in society, often helping society to redirect its focus away from hurtful attitudes or policies and toward more humane or politically sound positions.  However, sometimes even the best causes go too far and, in the process, actually damage support for the issues for which they advocate.  Unfortunately, too often truly good causes -- including important conservative causes -- are undermined by the very single-minded vigor of their advocates, especially when those advocates adopt bullying tactics to enforce public compliance with their insular position. This has just happened in a country with a population no larger than that of San Francisco -- but thanks to the ubiquity of the internet and the global nature of major news outlet, the damage done has been to this cause worldwide.  As reported by the New Zealand Herald and the Today Show, this kind of self-righteous meltdown has just happened in New Zealand. ...(Read Full Article)