Girl Scouts: The Awful Truth

Indiana freshman Representative Bob Morris is learning the hard way that the Girl Scouts of America is to the progressive agenda as the Komen Foundation is to Planned Parenthood, and the Catholic church (or so Obama presumed) is to an Obama abortion mandate.  What is -- in one word -- cover.     In a private e-mail to fellow House members, leaked to a northern Indiana paper, Morris outlined why he chose to abstain from a nonbinding resolution honoring the Girl Scouts of America on its 100th Anniversary -- an organization Morris believes to have become increasingly "radicalized," with ties to Planned Parenthood, the United Nations, and abortion and LGBT advocates.  Overnight, Morris became the fodder of mainstream media and late-night hosts.  Even Morris's fellow Indiana House Republicans joined in the mockery, purchasing cases of Girl Scout cookies and crunching away in front of Morris during a House session.  Indiana House Speaker Republican...(Read Full Article)