George Washington was a 'One-Percenter'

Liberals across the country are honing their attacks on wealthy people as class warfare is targeted to displace any consideration of the failures of the Obama administration.  As the weather gets warmer and the political season gets hotter, the Occupy Wall Street (or Main Street, or McDonalds, or your favorite park) crowd will again break out their tents and sleeping bags and get back to camping, chanting, defecating, fornicating, robbing, and raping -- along with providing talking points -- like "one-percenter" -- to the Democrats.  Of course, for months now liberals have painted Romney as a super wealthy Wall Street elitist -- a "one-percenter" in the words of the Occupiers. With an estimated net worth of between $150 and $200 million, Romney is certainly in the top one percent of the wealthiest Americans. (GASP!) Whatever should he do to shed this politically damning millstone?! Well, first of all, he should point out that he is in pretty good company. According to 24/7...(Read Full Article)