Freedom vs. the Secular Seminary

Little did I know, when contrasting conservative freedom and liberal liberation, that a poster-girl for liberation was presenting herself at the Altar of the Victim, the remarkable Sandra Fluke, the toast of our Democratic friends.  For Ms. Fluke's belief system suggests to her that she cannot have access to her sexuality unless a big institution provides her contraception.  Moreover, since she is a law student with a degree in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Cornell, she is evidently well into a professional career in liberation activism. Conservatives scratch our heads at the activist university and its characteristic products like Ms. Fluke.  But we are fools.  The university has seldom been an institution of higher learning devoted to science and disinterested scholarship.  More often it has been a seminary.  When young Fred Vincy, son of a Middlemarch merchant, went off to the University of Cambridge in around 1830, it was to study to be...(Read Full Article)