Fluke and the Fall of Feminism

Sandra Fluke has shown us the new lows to which the women rights movement has fallen. It is not necessary to denigrate Ms. Fluke or to speculate on her sexual proclivities, but it is important to note who she is, what she is doing, and what she hopes to achieve. Ms. Fluke, who has recently testified before Congress on behalf of free birth control from Catholic Georgetown Law School, is the product of a sexual and moral revolution that has now resulted in the reduction of women's rights to the singular right of unrestrained sexual activity protected by universal and "free" birth control.  She is the face of a radical leftist feminism which seeks a brave new world established by fiat utilizing supra-constitutional means, most especially and most recently via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The restraints and processes enjoined by the U.S. Constitution, utilized with success by former reformers, apparently are just too tedious to work through. A once and often...(Read Full Article)