Europe's Airline Tax Lacks Science Support

European Union climate policy seems to be driven by the usual bureaucratic twins: more control and more tax revenues.  Added to these, there is the almost pathological fear of global warming and the unreasonable compulsion to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, a non-toxic,  natural constituent of the atmosphere -- and an absolute necessity for plant growth -- hence, for global agriculture. One sees this compulsion in the proposed EU "Fuel Quality Directive," designed to exclude the import of fuel extracted from Canada's oil sands.  One sees this in the CO2 "cap & trade" emission trading scheme (ETS) on airlines landing or taking off from the European continent -- even though all of global air traffic contributes only 2-3% of the greenhouse (GH) gas CO2.  Airlines would have to buy emission permits, calculated on CO2 emitted over the entire length of the flight.  ETS for airlines went into effect on January 1, 2012, over strong objections from major...(Read Full Article)