Encouraging Signs in Maryland

The left wants you to despair.  It is part of their game plan and a partial explanation for why President Obama has been throwing so many awful, intolerable new offensives our way.  From demanding that Catholics pay for abortion services to offering our most critical military secrets to our enemies, his goal is not merely to destroy this country, but to disable our resistance with an overwhelming string of demoralizing offensives.  And just when we start to get a handle on one of them, he initiates another ten. President Obama is counting on our despair to help him win.  Reflect on that.  His leftist friends, like ACORN founder Wade Rathke for example, have been gloating over Andrew Breitbart's tragic death.  Reflect on that.  Then go to Rathke's lousy blog, modestly called "Chief Organizer," and let him know what you think of his slanderous comments about Andrew.  He will probably welcome the attention.  The site gets little traffic...(Read Full Article)