Emulating Breitbart

Make no mistake - the leftist assault on Andrew Breitbart's reputation since his untimely death has but one explanation: he was effective.      Yglesis and Taibbi... but we don't need to name them further. To my personal knowledge not a single representative of the left made any effort to rise above the vindictiveness of the herd, to find some sense of nobility in the struggle they claim to wage, and express it in the form of respect, as one warrior to another. There are no Alexanders on the left, no Saladins, no Robert E. Lees. They are a bandit movement, vulgar and coarse, and that is all they will ever be. The two items that most irked the left were Briebart's dismissal of Edward Kennedy and the Shirley Sherrod video. Briebart notoriously referred to Kennedy as "a pile of excrement" on the occasion of his death. This is harsh, and something many of us would not choose to say. (I myself prefer Pope Benedict's handling of the matter. Shortly before his death,...(Read Full Article)