Don't Get Drunk at the Individual Mandate Victory Party

The individual mandate is merely the left's latest instrument in the effort to undermine liberty through health care; it is not the primary target.  The Supreme Court's decision regarding ObamaCare's individual mandate will be extraordinarily important, and declaring the mandate unconstitutional would be a vital step in thwarting the left's achievement of government-controlled health care in the short term.  But constitutional conservatives must be careful not to allow the thrill of possible victory to blind them to the continuing threat coming from progressives determined to put the state in charge of life-and-death decisions for every citizen. It must not be forgotten that conservatives' distaste for the individual mandate is shared by Barack Obama himself.  Prior to his 2008 election campaign, Obama was a clear and unequivocal proponent of full-scale "single-payer" health care -- i.e. of complete government takeover.  The individual mandate...(Read Full Article)