Cultivating a Deep-Rooted Democracy in Egypt

Although Egypt's parliament has held its first post-Mubarak legislative session, real democratic progress appears to have stalled.  The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) still controls most of the power.  Nobel Prize-winner Mohamed ElBaredei recently ended his presidential bid in protest of the way Egypt's military rulers have governed "as though no revolution has taken place."  There is no disputing the fact that the military has moved very slowly in relinquishing power or that some of its members have on more than one occasion used an inappropriate level of force.  But it might be a mistake to automatically assume that they are seeking to impose their own dictatorship.  Compared to some of the other countries in the region and throughout the world, Egypt's military has actually shown admirable restraint since the protests first began a year ago.  Indeed, the success (so far) of the Egyptian revolution can be directly linked to the military's...(Read Full Article)