Conservative Class Warriors?

One of the most disappointing aspects of this primary contest has been the class warfare attacks leveled against Mitt Romney -- not by the president, but by fellow Republicans.  Historically falling within the jurisdiction of the left wing, Pandora's Class Warfare Box was opened by Newt Gingrich when pro-Newt super-PACs attacked Romney's tenure and success at Bain Capital.  Gingrich, while technically no more responsible for these ads than Romney for his super-PAC, immediately and relentlessly started to carpet-bomb Romney's success until forced to back off when conservative voters made it clear that this tactic did not resonate with them.  Rick Perry embraced Newt's anti-1% rhetoric tout de suite when he called Romney a "vulture capitalist."  This didn't hit conservatives in the sweet spot either. The forces supporting Gingrich are doing it again in their new "Time to Choose" ad, which features regular folks across the country speaking on Newt's behalf.  It's...(Read Full Article)