Compensating for Coattails in 2012

Although Super Tuesday has come and gone, there is still a long haul before the choice of Republican nominee is finalized.  And anecdotal evidence seems to show a surprisingly weak level of enthusiasm for any of the four remaining candidates.  Current talk around the national water cooler seems to sum up the feelings of voters like this: Mitt Romney? Not really very conservative. The fact that he is seen as the grandfather of Obamacare is also held against him. Rick Santorum? OK, he seems conservative, but he's too focused on social issues. Newt Gingrich? Yes, he's brilliant, but he's also much too erratic. And sharing a couch with Nancy Pelosi while pitching global warming will haunt the man forever. Ron Paul? Many people like what he has to say about domestic matters, but he scares the hell out of many on foreign affairs. For professional Republicans, or the Republican "establishment" if you prefer, none seems to exhibit that groundswell of enthusiasm which might result...(Read Full Article)