Can a Balanced Budget Be Achieved without a Plan?

In the past few weeks, the candidates for the Republican nomination have spoken of the need for a "balanced budget."  Conservative media outlets have editorialized about the need for a balanced budget.  Neighbors speak of the need for balanced budgets among themselves. But, really, is a balanced budget necessary?  The answer will largely depend on who is being asked the question.  Ask Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and all of them will, in an almost Pavlovian reflex, respond with "No!  We need government spending to stimulate the economy!"  If you asked Harry Reid, his response probably would be "Budget?  What's a budget?" On the other hand, if you ask the same question of any of the Republican candidates during this primary season, all will unanimously agree that of course the nation needs a balanced budget.  If any of them has described just how he is going to achieve a balanced budget, it hasn't been trumpeted with...(Read Full Article)