Now that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has released his ten-page report on President Obama's purported birth certificate, we are witnessing the predicted response of the establishment national news media: yawns, sighs, and laughter -- but little reporting. After the six-month investigation by a team of forensic experts, Joe Arpaio said there is "probable cause" to believe that forgery has been committed.  Those are fairly strong words.  Probable cause is the legal standard for arrest and forced production of documents. Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times discusses the potential bombshell Obama scandal and the scandal of media silence in his piece, "Forgerygate: Ignoring Arpaio's Report is a Scandal in Itself."  Kuhner argues that the reason for the media blackout is fear -- fear of a constitutional crisis.  If Obama attained the high office through deception, then everything has done as president would be subject to annulment. The blackout by the establishment conservative...(Read Full Article)